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Shenzhen Rofeng Wisdom Electronic Co.,ltd is a company which specialize in researching and manufacturing quartz crystal units and oscillators. Our company not only produces standard spec products, but also offers some special high precision crystal products. Products are widely used in communication system, mobilephone, GPS etc industrial fields and home appliation products. Every year through our investment on researching and new sets, our company is constantly progressing and developing,so that we offer high quality products to customers.

The product brand is RFW., we have quartz crystal resonator and quartz crystal oscillator. It mainly includes SMD3225, SMD 5032, SMD6035,SMD7050, HC-49S, HC-49SS,M49S, HC-49SMD, HC-49U, TC38,TC26, PXO, VCXO, TCXO ,OCXO etc products. Annual production capacity is 120 million pieces. Our products are exported to America, Europe, Korea,HK,Taiwan,Singapore etc countries and areas.

Our company devotes to researching, applying and producing of quartz crystal series product. We have strong technical team and advanced management ability. The products are carried out strictly as per ISO9001:2000 quality control system and ISO14000 enviroment management system. The quality of our products is stable and relible, it meets Rohs compliance.

Our company’s philosophy is profession 、 sincerity 、 customer service

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